Why Even You Need a Closet Audit

I know it has been entirely too long since I last posted and I thank you for your patience! The recent events in my life are to blame for my lack of posting, as well as my inspiration for this blog post! My husband, baby Schaf and Beagle pup Marley are moving next month! In anticipation of the move, we have had to get our house ready to put on the market with home renovations and an excessive amount of decluttering- all while managing my fantastic clients! For me, decluttering meant taking a hard look at my closet.

closet audit

I can honestly say that the Closet Audit might just be my favorite service. It is a time when we can go through your existing wardrobe and really understand what challenges you are facing with your image, what mistakes you have been making, understand what your personal style really is, and pinpoint what shapes and styles flatter you the most. It is truly an eye opening experience. The majority of my clients are hesitant to embark on a closet audit- having a stranger come into your home and closet for 4 hours and critique your wardrobe? I get it… on the surface it may sound scary, but to be honest, every single client I have had ends the audit with a hug and a thank you and a new perspective. Each and every one of them feel as if a huge weight has been lifted off their shoulders.

It is not just this feeling that makes me say everyone needs a closet audit. While that could be a valid reason its own, here are a few others…

1. Every woman can use an outside perspective. My job as an image consultant is to ask you thought provoking questions during the audit- getting to the root of why you are making the decisions you are while shopping and how you feel when you wear certain items. In addition, an outside perspective helps to eliminate the voice in the back of your head that says ‘Well… I might wear it.’ I believe it is this voice that causes women to hold on to items.

2. Every woman struggles with their image and wardrobe. Even the most style savvy of them all, even myself, struggle with their wardrobe. I have days where I can stand in front of my closet looking puzzled just like everyone else. It may happen less often (or more often now that I am 6 months prego- ha) but it still happens. A Closet Audit helps you to eliminate items that just don’t work- maybe because of fit or style, but it helps you to eliminate pieces that don’t make you feel like your best self. How many times have you gone into your closet and saw that beautiful embellished top and have planned their outfit around it just to get dressed and remember why you haven’t worn it in months and are left feeling frustrated? It happens to all of us. A closet audit leaves you with items that not only look amazing on you but makes you feel amazing.

3. Every woman buys duplicates. I see it over and over again, we buy something to replace the sub-par version already housed within your closet. The closet audit makes room for fabulous items in your closet. It is difficult to get dressed in the morning when ill fitting items are cluttering your closet. At the end of the closet audit, we make a list of items that support your desired image and fill in the gaps of your wardrobe.

With Spring approaching (hopefully sooner than later!) why not invest in a closet audit! Lets get your wardrobe ready for the new season and reflective of your desired image!