What does he know anyway?

A friend’s boyfriend has inspired today’s post. This past weekend a friend was expressing his loathe of jeggings- unless they were cropped. What?! He continued to go into his irrational thoughts about how unless jeggings were cropped they were a terrible fashion choice for all women. A minute later, he was alerted that his girlfriend sitting 10 feet away was wearing jeggings (and quite well I must add). He quickly retracted his statement. A look of embarrassment and doubt filled his face. I’m sure a series of questions went through his head- ‘Is she really wearing jeggings? Do I even know what jeggings are?’ In case you are wondering, she never heard any of this conversation, even after all of us were dying laughing.

This story has a point. So many times in fashion we as women wear things for our men, or even other women. But how often do we wear something truly for ourselves? Clearly guys don’t know as much about women’s fashions as they think they do, so why do we spend so much time considering whether or not they will like what we wear? Some of my husband’s favorite outfits of mine are ones that fashion forward and a little out of the norm. Why? Not because he is up on the latest runway trends, but because they make me happy. I personally enjoy dressing a little different than others (maybe that’s why my clients trust me so much :) )  but it makes me happy and that energy is infectious.

I read an article this morning in Entrepreneur magazine titled ‘You can’t please everyone’ and thought about how much that relates to our fashion choices. You are never going to be able to make everyone happy, so I think the first person we think about should be ourselves and the rest will follow. Your own happiness helps to increase your confidence, creating a positive image. Developing a positive image is such an important tool in all facets of your life. This post is not saying you should succumb to sweats and Uggs for every occasion because it is what you are comfortable in or that you shouldn’t buy that hot red dress that your man will love you in. But what this post is saying is that if polka dots make you happy but make your man dizzy, wear them- just maybe not to dinner!

What are you happiest in?