Wearing a Trend

Last week’s post featured some of my favorite fall 2014 trends; but what is the purpose of a post like that without any guidance on how to wear these trends?! Read on for some inspiration and guidance…

  1. Take baby steps. I know adopting a new trend into your wardrobe can be a large undertaking. This is why I encourage all of my clients to take baby steps. Choose the trend that fits best into your lifestyle and your personal style and adopt it in a way that  makes you feel comfortable and fabulous! Maybe you love all of the leather you are seeing in stores right now, but don’t want to commit to a leather skirt or pant. Try a dress with leather sleeves or leggings with a leather tuxedo stripe! A trend that isn’t fit for your lifestyle or personal style probably won’t get much wear, making it not economical (read on to point 2 for more insight on that).
  2. Don’t invest. While purchasing new clothes is always somewhat of an investment, you shouldn’t break the bank on a new trend. Save higher price tags for quality pieces that will last you (like a nice leather jacket). Consider the cost per wear. If your cost per wear is too high, it may not be the best investment. When taking on a new trend, consider the longevity of that trend. For example, this season, grey is a hot color. Next year, grey will still be appropriate to wear, so a trend like this you can invest more in.
  3. Consider your own feelings. Does the trend make you feel fantastic?! Does it complement and flatter your shape? If you can answer ‘Yes’ to these questions, that trend is a good match for you. Don’t try to participate in a trend if it doesn’t make you feel great.
  4. Integration capabilities. One of the founding principles I work to create with all of my clients is a cohesive wardrobe. When taking on a new trend, make sure that you can integrate it well into your existing wardrobe. You are more likely to wear something if you can mix it with existing items in your closet. Often clients have items they love but never wear because they ‘don’t have anything to wear it with’.

Here are a few questions to ask yourself before investing in a new trend:

  • Does it fit and complement my body?
  • Does it fit into my lifestyle?
  • Do I love it (now, and in 2 days after I have thought about it)?
  • Is it too expensive?
  • Do I feel amazing?!

What trend are you going to take on this season?!