Visual Interest

Last night, millions of you watched the Superbowl over some frosty brews and cheesy indulgences. But I ask you- How many of you were interested in the game? I mean, besides rooting for the Broncos to take the field goal instead of going for the 4th down in the 2nd, or those of you cursing about the safety that the Seahawks scored in the opening minute- all just so you would win the office pool… Let’s be honest ladies, a blowout game just isn’t that interesting, and neither is a haphazardly thrown together outfit.

A question I ask myself after getting dressed everyday- ‘Is it visually interesting?’ Is there something about my outfit it that makes another want to keep looking and think- I wonder what shoes she is wearing?! A visually interesting outfit has depth, dimension, and an element of surprise- just as a good game does. Similar to how a pick six makes your boyfriend hoot and holler, a fabulous statement necklace that glitters galore makes your eyes dance with excitement. I encourage you ladies to choose items that make a statement and make you want to keep looking- ones that are visually interesting.

Some of the easiest ways to ensure your outfit has visual interest is by incorporating a statement accessory, choosing bold prints, layering, pairing unexpected colors that complement each other, mixing textures such as a silk top with a wool trouser, or adding an item with embellishment.

Here are a few looks that kept me looking (ok- maybe I was hooting and hollering!)

Visually Interesting

Dressing fabulously shouldn’t be a struggle, but sometimes it does take a little thought. However, making an outfit visually interesting can be as simple as adding a leopard belt (Oh, how I love leopard!) or a statement necklace (LOVE those too!). Take a look at the date night outfit I put together that is packed with visual interest! What do you think?!

Night Out!