The Pink Luncheon

 I can confidently say that the women I have met in my life have a lot to do with my decision to pursue a career in image consulting. It is far too often that I meet amazing women that need a little nudge in the right direction to become their most confident, stylish self. This is completely untrue about Lorelei McGlade.

This Sunday I had the privilege to attend Susan G. Komen’s Pink Luncheon hosted by Lorelei. The luncheon is to raise awareness for breast cancer, to celebrate those that have survived, and to remember those that we have lost. Lorelei is not only fabulous, but she is a survivor of the cause. I am so inspired by her strength, confidence, and the sincerity that she sheds on others.  I met Lorelei through my in-laws (sorry, Schafer isn’t my maiden name) and she has become not only my family, but my friend.

Lorelei is a true inspiration to myself and other breast cancer victims. I am so honored that I could be a part of the event. See below, a picture of Geysha Tomassone of Kiss N’ Makeup, Lorelei and myself. Geysha, myself and Lola Accessory boutique teamed up to donate a package for the raffle in the event… titled ‘Get Stylish’ of course!


The luncheon was beautiful, and was a great way for women in South Jersey to get together and share in good times and good memories.  To be able to sit and have lunch next to such strong and powerful women was touching and motivating. Breast cancer has the power to strip women of everything that makes us feminine. Our breasts, our hair, and even greater, our confidence. It is a cause that deserves all the awareness and more. I commend all of the women at the event, and all of the women in the world who are battling breast cancer, who have survived breast cancer, and who are mourning those we have lost.  You are an inspiration to myself and to others, proving that it is not the weights that you lift that really proves how strong you are.


Above: The Schafer Ladies and Lorelei. Can you believe that my Mother In-Law (all the way to the right) won my raffle package?!

I’ll finish the post with the greatest survivor of all. Mom-Mom Schafer. A breast cancer survivor for 56 years! Look at her still going strong at 82!

image (1)

My dress by Muse, Floral and Striped Flounce Dress. Purchased at Macy’s, not available online. Found here, on sale!

Shoes, Steve Madden / Bracelet, Lola Accessory Boutique