Wearing a Trend

Last week’s post featured some of my favorite fall 2014 trends; but what is the purpose of a post like that without any guidance on how to wear these trends?! Read on for some inspiration and guidance…

Take baby steps. I know adopting a new trend into your wardrobe can be a large […]

Fall 2014 Fashions Unveiled

There is something about fall that gives us all butterflies in our stomachs and smiles on our faces. For most, it is because our kids go back to school, Dunkin’ releases their pumpkin coffee, or the brisk air means you can stop worrying about frizzy hair. For me, its the fashions – ok […]

Ladies Night!

This week’s post is going to be quick! I had a full weekend working in NYC with a fantastic new client and this week is filled with client consultations, a baby shower, and a GREAT ladies night event!

Every girl loves a night out with her friends… take that and add some great music, drink […]

5 Sites for your End of Summer Swimwear

Can you believe that Labor Day is in just 2 weeks?! As excited as I am about fall fashions, I am sad to see summer go. I had such a busy summer I hardly had a chance to catch a tan at the beach so this past weekend I made up for that […]

Derby Digs

I’m sure you know that saying ‘You don’t know what you have until its gone’. Well that is kind of how I feel about the Saratoga Race Track. Growing up in Upstate New York, I always saw the track as something to do in the summer, but really didn’t appreciate it as I […]

South Jersey Mom Magazine

I am so excited to be able to officially announce my recent work with South Jersey Mom Magazine! I recently had a chance to sit down with the editor, Karen, and discuss how I thought Schafer Image Consulting would be a good fit for the magazine! The magazine reaches ~40,000 readers in the […]

White Hot

This past Saturday I was one of the lucky 600+ socialites attending Saratoga Bridges’ Annual White Gala. I know my posts are usually focused on tips and tricks for my readers, and I promise, this one will get there. But first, a little about this event and my fabulous weekend! If you follow […]


Have you ever been part of an audience where the speaker spoke with such conviction you were hanging onto their every word? It is interesting how those that speak with such passion and grace can connect with and sometimes brainwash others. A powerful speech can motivate others to take action, even join a cause. But […]

Guest blogging series: 5 makeup tips for crazy mornings

Being a mother, wife, housekeeper, chef, dog walker, oh and business owner/makeup artist of Kiss n’ Makeup Artistry by Geysha, my mornings are by no means joyful. When you are a busy woman with nearly zero time for yourelf, the idea of finding the time to do your makeup is stressful! We are […]

A Salute to Fashion

When it comes to style and the holidays, there are a lot of things I am against and they all center around a wardrobe that depicts characters, sayings or scenes relative to that holiday… a blinking sweater featuring a dancing Rudolph, a pair of ghostly goblins dangling from your ears, or even a […]