Fall Back into Place

With Fall now in full swing, I figured it was time to reconnect with all of my followers and come back to my blog. Things have been a little different over here lately! I wanted to provide all of you a little insight to the last few months as I know I have […]

Still Sexy

At this point, if you know me, follow me on Facebook, or follow me on Instagram you know that I am 19 weeks pregnant. And if you don’t, well here is your announcement! Baby Schaf coming in June! At 19 weeks I have had a chance experience all sorts of different emotions and […]

White T Party

“If you were an item of clothing, what would you be and why?” When this question was asked to the iconic Chanel designer Karl Lagerfeld in a recent issue of Harper’s Bazaar, what his response? “A white shirt. Because its impeccable.” Karl’s words of wisdom strike a chord with me because one of my […]

For the Love of Fashion

Two things I absolutely LOVE are occurring this week… the beginning of the week marks the end of New York Fashion Week, where all of the most delicious designs for Fall 2014 are revealed, and then we close the week with Valentine’s Day, every hopeless romantic’s favorite day. Both holidays- yes, Fashion Week […]

Visual Interest

Last night, millions of you watched the Superbowl over some frosty brews and cheesy indulgences. But I ask you- How many of you were interested in the game? I mean, besides rooting for the Broncos to take the field goal instead of going for the 4th down in the 2nd, or those of […]