Still Sexy

At this point, if you know me, follow me on Facebook, or follow me on Instagram you know that I am 19 weeks pregnant. And if you don’t, well here is your announcement! Baby Schaf coming in June! At 19 weeks I have had a chance experience all sorts of different emotions and to say it hasn’t been a slight emotional rollercoaster would be a complete lie.

sexy and pregnant

I’ve gone from feeling nauseous all day and not interested in any food, to feeling great and sometimes forgetting I’m even pregnant. I’ve gone from being totally overwhelmed about all these life changes to being completely excited about this next chapter! But probably one of the hardest things for me to accept is my diminishing waistline. There is no right or wrong answer for how your body changes when you become pregnant. It changes on its own time schedule, in its own way. From someone who has always been into working out and eating healthy, not feeling well enough to work out and only being able to stomach carbs was tough for me. Accepting the fact that your body is changing wasn’t something that was easy for me, but I can confidently say I have moved out of that stage! Here are a few things that helped me still feel sexy…

1. Sweat (a little… and within you heart rate range). I thought to myself, when was a great time in your life and I thought back to the year before my wedding. Granted, this question has a lot of different answers, but I remember loving working out with a trainer and getting my endorphins flowing. Fortunately, my gym gives monthly free personal training sessions. I am now on a preggo friendly workout regimen of baby friendly exercises that will not only help me maintain my pre-pregnancy figure but will also assist in delivery. My doctors were super excited when they heard I was working out still. I was even told that they are now encouraging people who don’t work out to start if they are pregnant because delivery goes smoother! (I’ll report back on that in June!)

2. Shop. The realization that you no longer have any pants that fit can be discouraging. Not to mention the selection of maternity clothes! #ugly #cheapquality #reallythosearemyoptions? As an image consultant, wardrobe is something I build for my clients, so having a nice one of my own is kind of a requirement. Fortunately after a few trips to the mall, I have found things that work for me. (stay tuned for a maternity fashion blog… or two :) ) I also found that following some pregnant fashion bloggers and some maternity stores on Instagram have helped as well. I used to get inspiration from fashion magazines before baby Schaf, why not get some inspiration from some maternity publications?!

3. Shoes. A girl can get lost in leggings. What I mean is, 9 months of leggings is enough to bring any girl’s spirits down. And I know, some of you reading this are probably thinking- ‘I would love to wear leggings every day!’ When it becomes the only thing left in your closet that fits, and you have exhausted all cute long shirt options, you may feel otherwise. So for me, shoes have been huge for me in making me still feel sexy. Any opportunity you get to wear killer heels while pregnant, I encourage you to seize this moment! Hopefully my feet don’t swell during the second half of my pregnancy, but for now, wearing some of my sexier heels helps me feel great!

Ultimately, I think you could sum up this blog post with the theme of ‘business as usual’. I think for me, it was reverting back to the things that make me happy in order for me to still feel like myself while my body is going through this amazing change really has helped me. Sure, there are a lot of things you shouldn’t do when pregnant, drink red wine every night and eat turkey sandwiches just to name a few… haha. But just because your are pregnant doesn’t mean you have to give up some of the things you love and observe from the sidelines. Good luck to my other mommies to be out there…