Shake it off

A huge part of your image is overworked every day. Your hair? Maybe if you wash it every day (don’t worry Jenna, that’s not me!!) But no, I’m talking about your hands. In today’s day and age, we do so much from behind our phone or computer screen that we forget the most basic, fundamental, sign of business- the handshake.

Your handshake says a lot about you. I still remember, back in the fourth grade, Mrs. Davidoff taught me what makes a good handshake… I can still hear her saying, ‘Now class, you don’t want to give someone a dead fish!’ What Mrs. Davidoff left out what the proper care of your hands is also important. Soft skin says a lot about you, and sandpaper hands don’t exactly send the most inviting message when greeting a new colleague. Who wants to embrace a handful of P12?! Ladies- that’s a very coarse type of sand paper… think of it as the rougher side of your nail file!

Needless to say, here are a few of my favorite products for getting some downy digits. They are all completely affordable, and in most cases, can be used on your entire body:

  1. Bath and Body Works Sugar Scrub: At $16.50, this scrub comes in a large tube and will last you for months. It is also available in number of scents to please all of your senses! The scrub is a refreshing exfoliator without being too abrasive.
  2. Bag balm: The first of my drug store finds! This formula was first created in 1899 to help soften cow udders. Crazy right?! My grandmother started using the product to help her cracked hands, who gave the balm to my mom, and now I am a lifetime user! I mix it with a little lotion, slather it on, put a pair of cotton nighttime gloves on, and hit the hay (Ha- little cow joke!). Insider tip- you can use this on your feet too! The can will cost you about $10.
  3. Baby oil: A few drops of baby oil in the palm of my hands morning and night does wonders for my cuticles, and also extends my manicure. I’m not sure why, but I’m not going to complain! And who wouldn’t want their hands to be as soft as a baby?! Especially for under $5!

Don’t forget ladies… if you are going to go through the trouble of keeping your hands well pampered, pay some attention to your nails. Less is more, so if you don’t have time to polish… skip it all together. However, I always have found that a few red lights is just enough time to slip on a clear top coat! But remember… start with the right hand so at least those 5 nails will be dry for you to shake hands with people when you reach your destination!

Do you have any favorite skin softening products?