Last week I posted that I would tell you the secret to doubling your fall wardrobe. The secret? Layering. Were you expecting more? If so, sorry. But honestly, learning to layer under and on top of your summer wardrobe will bring new and interesting looks to your closet. Here are a few things to keep in mind when trying to layer and extend your summer wardrobe into fall.

  1. Pay attention to fabrics. Layer your summer pieces with fall items in heavier fabrics. If you take a lightweight top and pair it with a cotton skirt it is still going to look summery. Choose rich fabrics like wool, even something with fur to make the clear distinction between seasons. See look #1 how I styled the light, gauzy white tank.
  2. Don’t stop at just one. It doesn’t take much to just throw a cardigan on over a tank. Not to mention, it doesn’t create much visual interest or sell the idea that it is a fall outfit. Perhaps you layer a summer tank with a cardigan AND a cute puffer vest… pair with dark denim and riding boots. Now we’re getting somewhere.
  3. Don’t be afraid of white. White isn’t just for summer anymore. White linen pants, well that’s a different story. White can be very fresh in fall, even white jeans. Pair it with a great pair of tobacco colored boots and a navy sweater, or go for a monochrome look with black and grey like look #3 below.
  4. Don’t be afraid to go under. People often forget about layering things under others, not just putting things on top. A button up under your favorite summer sheath is a great look. I did it here with a cotton green dress I got from Old Navy. Also notice it is paired with a wool tan blazer to offset the summery cotton fabric. See look #2!

Here are a few examples!

Fall Layering 1


Fall Layering 2


Fall 3