Jump Around!

Did you hear my husband and I are going to Vegas tomorrow?! Maybe not… I’m not one to get excited for a vacation until pretty much the day we leave… maybe its because my brain is usually on ‘outfit overload’ mode. That’s what I’m coining the feeling of where your brain is spinning and is so focused on what you are going to wear and what not to forget. I always struggle when going on vacation because I continually fight myself to not over-pack. But hey- this girl needs options!

A staple in my Vegas wardrobe and my summer wardrobe at that, is the romper/jumpsuit. I’m starting to wonder what I did all last summer only owning one jumpsuit! The romper and jumpsuit can be worn by all body types, short and tall, for all functions, casual and fancy. Here are a few of my favorites that I recently picked up that would fit any body type!

Rompers and Jumpsuits

Some tips when picking out a romper or jumpsuit:

  1. Choose a style that mirrors what you currently wear. For example, if you love skinny jeans on you, choose a jumpsuit with a tapered leg. If you love your shoulders, opt for a strapless version!
  2. Don’t be afraid! You don’t need to be a model to wear a romper or a jumpsuit. Looser silkier fabrics flatter all body types because they don’t cling and you can easily accentuate your waist (like all of the options I have pulled above). Also, solid jumpsuits/rompers are less intimidating if you are just starting out.
  3. You may need to enlist the help of a tailor. Its a one piece ladies… you are asking a lot out of a garment if you think it is just going to fit you right off the rack. If a tailor is too much for you, choose jumpsuits like options 2 & 3. They come with an elastic waist and adjustable straps.
  4.  Accessorize! Accessories can really make or break your ensemble. With all outfits this is true, but especially a romper or jumpsuit. With an all-over head to toe look, you will often need accessories to break it up and provide a focal point. Try a long necklace or a metal belt.
  5. Have fun! Rompers and jumpsuits are so fun and with the change of a shoe and accessories, can really transform from day to night!

Have you all jumped on the romper/jumpsuit trend?! Clearly- I’m obsessed!