I love you, Mom!

In honor of mother’s day, I thought nothing would be more fitting than to shed some light on the importance of a mom with a strong image.  To me, mom is merely a simplified word for superhero. For some reason whenever I don’t know the answer to something, can’t find something, and need advice about anything, my mom always has the answer. It’s like someone gave her a copy of the test before I asked the questions. And you would think the 4 hour distance in between us would stop her from being able to answer the ‘I don’t know where this is’ comment… but it doesn’t! Above all of that, my mom has always shown me that she was confident in herself and her choices.  She has never backed down from a situation, and always approached each day with her head held high. (Maybe that’s where I get my optimism!) She may not have realized it as she was doing it, but her actions helped me define my image. The way she carried herself provided me with the best example of what it means to be confident, what it takes to be successful and what makes a strong woman. I am who I am today, because of her.

As an image consultant, one of my key jobs to do for all clients is to help them create a cohesive wardrobe. However, I also like to say that I am boosting confidences one closet at a time.  It is so rewarding to see how the process really boosts a woman’s confidence. Confidence isn’t something that you see, it isn’t in you from birth. It’s something that you feel, and it is created. As a woman, as a mom, it is so important to have an image for yourself that you are proud of, because your children can feel that.  Children, especially girls, look up to their mom- I know I do! My mom never let me give up, but also in turn, I never saw her give up. She spoke with confidence, and pushed me a little further when she saw I was timid. I never hear her speak negatively about herself or others, and would scold me if I did. And mostly, she taught me about her struggles and explained how she overcame them. Seeing her strength inspired me and gave me strength. I cannot thank her enough for being the most amazing support system as I was growing up, and even now.

It is important to think about the image you project, not just for professional goals, but to help mold the goals of your children. Every mom wants their child to grow up fearless with great confidence, why not create that image for yourself?

I love you mom!