Golden Girls 2015

By now you have probably flipped through all of the slideshows on or MSN entertainment recapping the fashions of the Golden Globes. So what am I going to tell you that is different? Probably not much. But what I will tell you is why certain styles worked and why some… well, just failed. Its crazy to think that last year’s 2014 Golden Globe awards was my first blog post ever! Last year we saw the break out Lupita N’yungo stunning the crowd in her red cape dress. My post about the power of choosing bold fashion items to make a lasting statement held true- all year long Lupita was recognized not just for being a breakout actress, but also as a fashion icon with designers grappling at her feet to get her to wear their designs.

This year’s Golden Globes was all about metallics and red! I’ve always thought what would you wear if on the red carpet? And this year… two words. J. Lo. Her hair was a little Grammy’s worthy, but that didn’t change the fact that she stunned in that Zuhair Murad caped silver beaded gown! There were so many dazzling dresses this year! Here are my favorite metallic and red gowns of the evening!

metalic golden globe

redhot golden globe

So what about them worked? For starters, I say it to all of my clients and I will continue to say it… FIT. A well fitted black dress (hmmm, please not with white leather gloves though) is stunning and more memorable than an ill fitting dazzling detailed gown. Fortunately for these ladies, they hit both fit and dazzle. The accessories paired were also spot on. Its for this reason that I didn’t love Naomi Watts this year in a strapless yellow Gucci gown. Sure, she looked beautiful. But I wouldn’t have kept that brooch on the dress if I was wearing such a predominant serpent necklace. I found the two of them to be distracting together.

So who were my favorites you say? I thought you’d never ask.

fav golden globe

I already told you I loved Jo.Lo, but Katherine Heigel stunned in Zac Posen and Kate Hudson looked jaw droppingly hot in Versace. There is no denying how gorgeous all of these women looked, but what they all had in common is that they stood out from the sea of gowns with their perfectly tailored gowns all paired with the right shoes and accessories.

So who failed? Or rather who should have just fired their stylist? Well, I think there were the obvious misses like Kiera Knightley in a rather nightly gown… aka a MooMoo nightgown. I have a had a hard time wrapping my head around the fact that this came out of Chanel. But Keira’s not alone.

golden glove fail

So why did they fail? Katie Holmes looks like a bridesmaid. Her dress was too long and she was just underwhelming. Sure, all bridesmaids would hope they look that good in a bridesmaid dress or that their dresses were that pretty… but never should you strive to look like a bridesmaid outside of a wedding. Claire Danes and Lana Del Rey have fit issues. Both dresses are gaping around the boob area.  Tina Fey just mad a bad decision. That dress would look terrible on anyone with its awkward construction. Lastly, Jennifer, it kills me to put you on my list but that dress looks like something out of my high school prom. The halter, the cheap looking sequins and did you borrow Justin’s cumber bun?

Award season has officially began and I can’t wait to see what fashions the season brings!