Girl, I wanna make you sweat!

Working out is something we all would like to do more of- or do it at all for that matter! But who has time between all of the fun, summer parties and vacations? Here are a few tips to make sure you are getting a chance to break a sweat.

  1. Get into the groove. Get in a routine. Your body will get on a schedule and soon it will just become part of your weekly duties. I for one, never thought I could work out in the morning. After about a week of doing so, my body just gets up and is ready to go. I have found that working out in the morning also reduces the amount of excuses that separates you and your workout. The common, “I just ate”, “I have to cook dinner”, “I need to run errands”, “I worked late”… all not applicable in the morning.
  2. Enlist a friend (or maybe a trainer, or both!). Working out with another person can help to motivate you, but mostly makes you accountable. Often times you can split a training session with a friend making it very affordable, or trainers sometimes host small group sessions at a fraction of their hourly rate. Some companies or health plans may even help out with the cost. If you are making plans with others to work out, excuses don’t fly and if you keep bailing you could damage the relationship (or loose good money!).
  3. Pencil it in. Why not book your workout routine into your calendar? We use our calendar for everything else, why not make a date with the gym?
  4. Prepare. If you are working out after work, pack your bag so you don’t have to go home. Drink ample amount of water throughout the day to hydrate yourself. I even go as far to planning my hair washing around my big workout days. I know my hair can’t survive after a spin class but can after some weight lifting… so if you see me on my spin Tuesdays, my hair is definitely dirty!
  5. Dress to sweat. This one may surprise you, but investing in some cute workout clothes can definitely help to motivate you to work out. For starters, most people don’t enjoy wasting money, and if you have just purchased new gym clothes, you have to wear them, right?! Also, gyms are filled with mirrors. Does it make you feel good to look at yourself wearing a baggy free t-shirt and cruddy sweats? Probably not. New clothes usually makes women happy. If you are wearing new clothes to the gym and are happy, it may make you want to work out harder, longer, and more frequently. Here are a few of my favorite workout pieces:
Workout Essentials!~


A little about the products above… first, these pants are like spanx for the gym!! Definitely help to smooth out the lines and are so comfy also! They’re a little pricey at around $50, but I learned the hard way in buying cheap gym pants (two words, camel-toe). When buying new gym clothes I always like to keep it bright, especially in my sneakers! The emi jay hair ties don’t leave a crease in your hair- perfect if you don’t plan on washing it! Lastly, the SPIbelt is the latest and greatest in runner’s fanny packs :) I wear mine when running outside to hold things like keys, phone and maybe pepper spray!

 What are you all doing to get you into the gym this summer?