Fabulous or Frivolous Find?

Right now is one of my favorite times to shop. Not because all of the new spring lines are out, because quite frankly, this is a transitional time for retail, but because right now is a great time to take advantage of a good sale. Anyone who knows me, knows that I live for a good sale and will go the extra mile to get what I want without paying full price.  But it is important to ask yourself, is the sale simply fabulous or just a frivolous find?

At the change of the season, all of the major retailers are trying to offload their past season merchandise to make room for the new season. This is a time for shoppers to really cash in on the great deals and score some designer pieces at low end prices. Here are a few things to keep in mind when shopping sale:

  1.  If it were full price would I want it?  This is a key thing to ask yourself. It is easy to get caught up in all of the red stickers and slashing prices. Ask yourself if it were full price would you want it? I say ‘wanting it’ verses ‘buying it’ because you may not be tempted by its original pricey ticket.
  2. Is it too trendy?  Don’t be blinded by the season’s hottest trends. Pretty soon the weather is going to change and you will not be able to wear this item. If it’s too trendy, most likely you won’t want to wear it next year either, which is a key sign of a frivolous purchase. Stick to styles that are classic and well tailored. They always stay in style.
  3. Do I already own something like this?  Use a sale to take advantage of expanding your wardrobe to include pieces you do not already own, or wouldn’t want to pay full price to invest in. For example, a black blazer is a staple in a woman’s wardrobe, but a cobalt blue blazer probably isn’t. A well tailored blazer in a quality fabric will always be in style, regardless of the color. An item like this would be a fabulous find.
  4. Does it fit?  A sale is not a sale if the item does not fit properly. Unless you are willing to invest in a tailor to create the perfect fit, don’t be blinded by the sale and purchase items only that best complement your figure.

Some of my favorite pieces to stock up on at the end of the season are outerwear, boots, bathing suits and accessories. These items don’t change much from season to season and if you can weed out the frivolous trendy items, you will be able to wear your sale scores year after year. A riding boot in a luscious leather, or a long black wool coat will last you season after season with proper care. Similarly, a figure flattering bikini in a bold print or a bright colored silk scarf will still be relevant for years to come.

Right now, retailers are slashing prices on outerwear and boots. Here are a few styles I have found that would make a fabulous find for any woman.

Fabulous sale finds- Coats

Fabulous finds- boots

Have any of you had any fabulous finds this sale season?