Dressing for your work holiday party

Its the week before Christmas and you know what that means… no I’m not talking about all the rushing around you’ll be doing to get your gifts in order or cookies baked, I’m talking about all of the holiday parties you are about to attend. Most likely if your job hosts a holiday party it will be this week, and when dressing for your holiday party I have a few tips and guidelines you should consider…

office holiday party

1. Consider your company’s dress code. When dressing for your work party, treat it as an extension of work. By all means, indulge in sparkle and shine, but remember to not to stray too far from the daily dress code. This means, don’t show too much leg, keep the cleavage to a minimum and keep your accessories tasteful. It is understood that your attire should be a little more ‘party’ but don’t use this as you opportunity to début your new crop top.

2. Present a more polished ‘you’. Remember when going to your company’s party you still want to look like yourself. So if you typically wear light makeup to work, try amping it up slightly with a shimmery eye or a red lip. Don’t go overboard with your hair or makeup as this can throw off your co-workers. You want them to tell you how fabulous you look, not how ‘different’ you look.

3. Shine on! Just because its your work holiday party doesn’t mean you can’t indulge in a little sparkle! When choosing your glitter, follow this rule ‘one and done’. Opt for a sparkly top or a statement necklace… not both. If your dress is the star of your outfit, keep your accessories minimal.

Beyond what your wearing, remember you are celebrating the holidays with your boss. Keep the drinking to a minimum as you don’t want to be the talk of the office the next day. Make sure to make conversation with your boss and have your co-workers introduce you to new people. Happy Holidays!