Derby Digs

I’m sure you know that saying ‘You don’t know what you have until its gone’. Well that is kind of how I feel about the Saratoga Race Track. Growing up in Upstate New York, I always saw the track as something to do in the summer, but really didn’t appreciate it as I do now. I appreciate the track for its sheer beauty and old school charm (and the potential to win some money!). Horse racing is a beautiful sport. The horses are such gorgeous animals, the grounds of the tracks are often beautifully landscaped, and lets not forget the fashions! It might be the only sporting event where fancy dresses and embellished hats are the expected attire of the female spectators. While at Saratoga this weekend, I saw a wide array of track fashions from very causal to completely decked out. There were a lot of gorgeous ensembles, and quite a few complete failures. Here is my report of what makes a successful outfit fit for an avid gambler, or just a socialite while at the track!

  1. The fit and flare dress. At the track, the majority of the women are wearing dresses. The fit and flare shape is the most successful for many reasons. First, it is usually hot. The fit and flare dress is light and has a flirty skirt giving your legs some breathe room. No one likes to admit it, but your thighs sweat and a tight dress is just plain gross when that happens. The fit and flare dress is also perfect for any body shape, it is still flattering when wearing flats (we’ll get to footwear later), and is comfortable when sitting or walking up stairs.
  2. The hat. Oh the hat… a quintessential accessory for all horse racing events. A fancy hat can elevate your outfit while masking frizz. However, when its really hot out, a hat can also be an incubator for your head- I learned this really fast which is why mine didn’t last too long. To keep with track fashions on a hot and humid day, opt for a fastener. The fastener has grown in popularity thanks to Kate Middleton and everyone’s obsession with her fashion sense.
  3. The embellished sandal. Keep in mind that while going to the track is a chance to debut your finest fashions, it is also is a sporting venue. The track is made for the gorgeous thoroughbreds which means you are going to be walking on grass, concrete, dirt, and sand throughout the day. Heels aren’t exactly practical. Opt for a shoe that is comfortable and stylish. An embellished flat or leather wedge is the best option. The last thing you want is to dig your stiletto in the grass… or worse… a fresh pile of horse poo. (I’ve seen it happen!)

Here are a few pictures from the day!

An fit and flare dress, big hat, and comfortable embellished flats... an outfit fit for the track! Dress: Old, Macy's; Hat: Kohl's; Sandals: Old, Nine West; Clutch: Gigi New York; Sunglasses: Tory Burch; Bracelets: Lola Accessory Boutique; Nails: O.P.I Big Apple Red.

An fit and flare dress, big hat, and comfortable embellished flats… an outfit fit for the track! Dress: Old, Macy’s; Hat: Old, Kohl’s Similar; Sandals: Old, Nine West; Clutch: Gigi New York; Bracelets: Lola Accessory Boutique; Nails: O.P.I Big Apple Red



The details

Aaannnd they’re off! A look at the start of the race from our amazing finish line clubhouse seats!

A HUGE thank you to Jo DeLucia!

Me with the workout horses. Sunglasses: Tory Burch

The jockeys take their final walk towards the track... notice the sandy dirt??

A jockey on the final walk to the track… see all the sandy dirt?!

Me and Mr. StyledbySchafer in our clubhouse seats. He opted for a Polo and left his fancy hat in the car :)

Me and Mr. StyledbySchafer… he opted to wear a Polo and left his fancy hat behind :)