Have you ever been part of an audience where the speaker spoke with such conviction you were hanging onto their every word? It is interesting how those that speak with such passion and grace can connect with and sometimes brainwash others. A powerful speech can motivate others to take action, even join a cause.  But did you realize that wearing something with that same conviction could have just as much power?

 I have said it before and I will say it again, wearing something with conviction is a MAJOR component of a successful ensemble. I have been told many times by clients and friends, ‘Oh, I could never wear that.’ It is probably one of the most (yes, flattering, thank you) but upsetting things I hear because I know it is simply not true. Wearing something a little outside the box takes confidence, it takes conviction- a feeling of being sure that you look amazing. I tell people all the time, you can wear anything as long as your head is held high and you own it. Obviously ladies, fit definitely comes into play here as the item must fit and flatter your figure above all, but the third leg to this fashion tripod is conviction.

Wearing something with conviction is a powerful tool. How many times have you read a magazine or seen a woman in a coffee shop and you left saying, “I want to get that”. You have the power to really sell an outfit, to make an impression, to close a deal. You will be surprised at how it will also change your mood. A little bit of confidence goes a long way!

Easier said than done? Maybe. But these tips will definitely get you on the right track to owning an outfit!

  1. Stick with what you like. Skirts aren’t your thing? Probably not a good idea to try the tulle skirt trend. Take baby steps. Maybe instead of a solid black trouser, choose one with a pattern.

  2. Focus on what you love. Choose to showcase your assets. If you branch out with fashion highlighting your favorite features, it will make selling it even easier.

  3. Stop second guessing. You loved it in the magazine and you found a similar one for a great price, and all you can do is smile when you look at it… all signs its a keeper! If we always listened to the second guessing thoughts in our heads risks would never be taken!

  4. Accept a compliment. You know you look fierce, so when your friends tell you so, say thank you and smile! If you are wearing something with conviction it is something that your friends will pick up on and admire.

Next time you take a risk with fashion, keep your head up and wear it with conviction!