Bikini Babe or Beached Whale?

A ‘Babymoon’ has become a regular occurrence for many during their pregnancy. For those of you new to the term, babymoon: vacation while pregnant typically scheduled right before the onset of the third trimester; a last chance for relaxation before baby. I am fortunate enough to have gone on a 6 day vacation […]

Why Even You Need a Closet Audit

I know it has been entirely too long since I last posted and I thank you for your patience! The recent events in my life are to blame for my lack of posting, as well as my inspiration for this blog post! My husband, baby Schaf and Beagle pup Marley are moving next […]

A Leg up on Leggings

Somewhere in between stirrup pants and snap chat the legging made its debut into the fashion world and soon became the cash cow of retail establishments across America. At first, the legging was something pregnant women wore to aid their changing figures. The trend soon morphed into something worn by not just pregnant […]

Building a Closet Off Clearance

The hustle and bustle of the holidays is over and it’s time to put away all of the decorations and return to reality. But with the conclusion of the holiday season comes an opportunity to capitalize on all of the holiday inventory that retailers are desperately trying to offload. Here are some things […]

Dressing for your work holiday party

Its the week before Christmas and you know what that means… no I’m not talking about all the rushing around you’ll be doing to get your gifts in order or cookies baked, I’m talking about all of the holiday parties you are about to attend. Most likely if your job hosts a holiday […]

Holiday Must Haves

As the holidays approach you are guaranteed a few things: amazing high-calorie food, heart-felt sappy movies (I love everything on the Hallmark channel!), upbeat jingles, a family argument, crowded stores, and lastly, my favorite, one or two great holiday parties. I love this time of year for so many reasons, but getting to […]

What are your boots made for?

By this time fall is in full swing… pumpkins are carved, leaves are falling, and if you haven’t already, boots are being purchased. Buying a new pair of boots can be a daunting task. Walking into the shoe department of a store, seeing boots towering over the displays in various shades of brown […]

Wearing a Trend

Last week’s post featured some of my favorite fall 2014 trends; but what is the purpose of a post like that without any guidance on how to wear these trends?! Read on for some inspiration and guidance…

Take baby steps. I know adopting a new trend into your wardrobe can be a large […]

Fall 2014 Fashions Unveiled

There is something about fall that gives us all butterflies in our stomachs and smiles on our faces. For most, it is because our kids go back to school, Dunkin’ releases their pumpkin coffee, or the brisk air means you can stop worrying about frizzy hair. For me, its the fashions – ok […]

Ladies Night!

This week’s post is going to be quick! I had a full weekend working in NYC with a fantastic new client and this week is filled with client consultations, a baby shower, and a GREAT ladies night event!

Every girl loves a night out with her friends… take that and add some great music, drink […]