Motivational Monday

After months of blog silence- I’m bringing the blog back with a ‘Motivational Monday’ post. Let’s get right to it. This post is inspired by Pink’s ‘Glitter in the Air’ song- circa 2010- but like a quality leather handbag, a good song is timeless. I was listening to it the other day and […]

Fall Back into Place

With Fall now in full swing, I figured it was time to reconnect with all of my followers and come back to my blog. Things have been a little different over here lately! I wanted to provide all of you a little insight to the last few months as I know I have […]

Bikini Babe or Beached Whale?

A ‘Babymoon’ has become a regular occurrence for many during their pregnancy. For those of you new to the term, babymoon: vacation while pregnant typically scheduled right before the onset of the third trimester; a last chance for relaxation before baby. I am fortunate enough to have gone on a 6 day vacation […]

A Leg up on Leggings

Somewhere in between stirrup pants and snap chat the legging made its debut into the fashion world and soon became the cash cow of retail establishments across America. At first, the legging was something pregnant women wore to aid their changing figures. The trend soon morphed into something worn by not just pregnant […]

What does he know anyway?

A friend’s boyfriend has inspired today’s post. This past weekend a friend was expressing his loathe of jeggings- unless they were cropped. What?! He continued to go into his irrational thoughts about how unless jeggings were cropped they were a terrible fashion choice for all women. A minute later, he was alerted that […]


Have you ever been part of an audience where the speaker spoke with such conviction you were hanging onto their every word? It is interesting how those that speak with such passion and grace can connect with and sometimes brainwash others. A powerful speech can motivate others to take action, even join a cause. But […]

5 Ways to Have a Better Day at Work

Making the decision to peruse a career in image consulting was the best career move I have made to date. I enjoy every aspect of what I do, and truly love getting to know the people and clients I meet. However, if your 9-5 isn’t exactly your dream job, here are 5 ways […]

I love you, Mom!

In honor of mother’s day, I thought nothing would be more fitting than to shed some light on the importance of a mom with a strong image. To me, mom is merely a simplified word for superhero. For some reason whenever I don’t know the answer to something, can’t find something, and need […]