Another Year to the Wiser

I’ve never been one to make a huge deal about my birthday. But, what better way to celebrate my birthday than with a little bonus blog featuring some of my favorite gifts for your bestie! And for all of my besties reading this blog, here is a reminder that yes, today is my birthday, and you can make it up to me by purchasing any one of the items below- kidding (because I already own them all!!!)

The first gift idea is the easiest- I am calling it the copycat gift. Has your BF complimented your new bracelet? Your perfume? Why not just purchase another for her! Its my version of the modern day ‘friendship (insert noun here)’. Remember the when you would make your GF a friendship bracelet out of lanyard? Well some traditions don’t have to change- well at least not entirely.

My next gift idea is a monogram necklace. The monogram necklace is very on trend right now, and is also very personal. If your GF isn’t ‘trendy’, there are other styles that appeal to the more classic chica. I am currently loving this style in the acrylic and block lettering as seen on style blogger Courtney Kerr.

Don’t think it fits your friend’s style? Opt for the bar version! See below on Jessica Alba. I just purchased one engraved with my cuddly love’s name, Marley May. The best part about all of this? Both (as well as other styles) can be purchased at my very own bestie’s accessory store, Lola. Use ‘SIC2014’ for 10% off your purchase!

My other current obsession is Gigi New York bags, specifically their Uber clutch (Check out the purple python embossed one below!). The bags were originally marketed to be an iPad case, but are now most commonly used as clutches. I find that this bag is the perfect size and I am looking forward to using it on my next trip to Vegas to store a pair of flip flops for the end of the night when my feet are aching from dancing! This gift can also be personalized with your bestie’s initials on it.  With so many colors to choose from, any one of these is sure to hit home with your partner in crime. Clutches aren’t her thing? Check out any of their other styles!

So you say your GF isn’t into accessories? With the warmer weather approaching the amount of outdoor activities is sure to increase. Why not get her a water infuser! With all of the fresh fruit coming into season, who wouldn’t like their water to have a hint of watermelon or strawberry flavor? This is on my birthday wish list this year, so I cannot speak from experience, but I am obsessed with the idea. Hopefully my hubs or in-laws surprise me with one, if not, I WILL be purchasing. Here are a few affordable options that can be purchased on

Left Bottle

Center Bottle

Right Bottle

Lastly, what I think every girl can appreciate is a little QT- quality time. So, on your bestie’s birthday, if gifts aren’t your thing, take her to lunch, to get a mani, or surprise her at work with her favorite latte. Whatever it is you do, be genuine and show her how much you care. With your best friend, you can conquer the world, so make her feel special on her special day :).