I can confidently say that I was placed on Earth to be a full-time fashionista. However, somehow while toying with the idea of being a news anchor, a fashion designer, even a hair stylist, I landed on accountant. This is not to say anything negative about accountants — I’m married to one! I believe my education and professional work experience has helped me in my entrepreneurial venture, but deep down I knew I was not living up to my fullest potential. Since my earliest days, I remember being focused on what I was going to wear to my birthday party at the roller skating rink, or even what new fashions I would try and introduce in the upcoming school year.

To supplement my life as an accountant, I worked part-time at a popular retail chain and took any opportunity I could get to share my fashion sense with friends, co-workers, and family. I became known as the style guru at each of my full-time accounting jobs and the go–to girl for questions and advice on the latest trends. My career in accounting lacked the passion I had for fashion. Every time I had helped dress one of my friends for an event, shop for a vacation, or help a co-worker style an outfit — I left with a feeling that I had made a difference, that I had given her a newfound self-confidence. There began Schafer Image Consulting.

My decision to start a career as an image consultant is the marrying of my natural eye for style and my devotion to help women define themselves with an image based on their personal style and daily life. I have worked side by side with some of the most influential female executives, the working mom, and the young professional. I have seen the struggles that women face everyday in creating their personal style and their image, and as a result, have developed SIC to help tackle those challenges. I understand the impact that good style can have on a woman — I can feel it in myself daily! It is more than just an outfit, it is a feeling of confidence and a sense of empowerment through your style.

I formalized Schafer Image Consulting in 2013. I am a member of and have been formally trained by Shauna Mackenzie, Founder of Best Kept Self, formerly known as Mackenzie Studio for Image Professionals. Schafer Image Consulting was rated one of Thumbtack’s best of 2015 and 2016!

Thumbtack Best Pro of 2015