A Leg up on Leggings

Somewhere in between stirrup pants and snap chat the legging made its debut into the fashion world and soon became the cash cow of retail establishments across America. At first, the legging was something pregnant women wore to aid their changing figures. The trend soon morphed into something worn by not just pregnant women but by all women and their daughters. Society has accepted the legging because of its comfort and its acceptance of all women in all shapes and sizes so why is it that employers and schools are now banning them?

‘Oh I’ll just wear leggings.’ I’ve heard that before. If the legging has become such a permanent fixture our lives and the fashion world, why is it that women disregard the importance to style them correctly? Here are a few points to consider when shopping and styling leggings:

1. Size. Just because leggings are stretchy doesn’t mean that they are one size fits all. When overstretched they lose their elasticity and can even become see through. Look for a legging that is a heavier ponte material instead of just a thin cotton. When trying on leggings, do a quick ‘backside check’… Bend over in the mirror… If they are see through you should not be wearing them.

2. Details matter. Leggings with seams down the front, leather tuxedo stripes, leather inlays, quilted patches, or even zippers look far more presentable than the yoga pant style. Choosing a pair like these does not compromise comfort but elevates style.

3. Put some effort into effortless. Yes wearing leggings is effortless but the rest of your outfit should be given some thought. Be sure to make sure your top is an appropriate length. When wearing tight items on the bottom be sure to offset it with a flowy top.

4.  Rips, stains and tears, no thank you! Leggings are rather inexpensive so if yours are worn out, stained, or fading, it is time to replace them.

5. Crops are for the gym. Cropped leggings should be saved for the gym. The length is not flattering on any shape as it cuts your figure in half. Leggings look best full length and tucked into a boot or bootie to create a long seamless line.

Next time leggings are your article of choice, give some consideration to the image your outfit as a whole projects. If you are choosing to wear leggings, the rest of your outfit shouldn’t look like an afterthought or as if you are choosing comfort and disregarding appearance and your image. It is possible to be comfortable and stylish at the same time!