5 Ways to Have a Better Day at Work

Making the decision to peruse a career in image consulting was the best career move I have made to date. I enjoy every aspect of what I do, and truly love getting to know the people and clients I meet. However, if your 9-5 isn’t exactly your dream job, here are 5 ways to have a better day at work.

 1. Be Optimistic. When I started my first full-time job at a large public accounting firm, my mom told me one morning, ‘Don’t bring your problems to work, your co-workers don’t want to hear you are having a bad day.’ I have since passed on this advice, and some have taken it as ‘harsh’. However, it’s kind of true (most of your co-workers don’t care about your frozen pipes or broken dryer) and they are words I live by. When someone asks how you are doing, they’re not looking for a sob story of how terrible you are, and a mere ‘Eh, Ok’ doesn’t do much to lift your spirit or theirs. When people ask me how I’m doing, I often answer with ‘Fantastic!’ or ‘Amazing!’. It seems a little over the top, but how can you answer so happily and not smile? And how can they  not smile?! It does wonders for your mood and your co-worker’s mood. A few days of this optimism and it will truly have a lasting effect.

2. Eat Right. If your job has you sitting all day, really think twice before consuming a bagel, pizza and cupcake. Trust me- I indulge… maybe a little too much (my girlfriends can attest to that!), but planning out your meals and packing a healthy lunch and snacks can really make a difference in your day. I am by no means a nutritionist here, but I see what a difference a diet of fresh produce and lean proteins has on my energy level (and my jeans!). Not to mention, packing a lunch will help you avoid tempting (usually bad) choices later in the day and is usually cheaper (Hello, new shoes!).

3. Decide your dress. What are you wearing? Maybe this one should have been first, but I know how not knowing what to wear can effect your morning. Morning minutes are of the essence and seem to disappear faster than afternoon ones, so not having your outfit planned can really suck up what little getting ready time you have, and not to mention, stress you out! (Hint: your morning process can be streamlined and these stresses can be eased after purchasing any one of my packages!) Take a few minutes the night before and set out an outfit or two. I usually have a ‘go to’ back up in mind of an outfit that I know looks good just in case outfit #1 doesn’t.

4. Look ahead. How many times have you gotten to work only to realize you have a 9am meeting and its 8:55? I always make sure to check my calendar for the next day to avoid surprises. I’m sure we have all been there on the days where you opt for a ponytail and your ‘comfy pants’ only to find out you have an important meeting with your boss. Probably not the image you want to be presenting… so take a glance at your calendar in the beginning of the week to see what your week looks like, and again at the end of each day just to make sure you don’t miss anything.

5. Connect. Developing healthy work relationships is important for your career development. Network with other departments, get to know your boss’s assistant, and stop eating lunch at your desk everyday. Connecting with your co-workers can help to make your job easier as often a co-worker is a great resource for an issue you may have to solve. It also can lead to possible career opportunities. Just remember, when connecting with new people, always keep the conversation neutral and avoid sharing your opinion on sticky subjects until you really know the person.

Here’s to happier Mondays!